[pstricks] pst-plot commands

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Wed Nov 28 21:25:00 CET 2001

>>>>> "Jose.Antonio" == Jose Antonio <jamr at uxmal.uam.mx> writes:

    Jose.Antonio>  How can I plot in the same curve other curves. i.e. :
    Jose.Antonio>                 f(x)= (1/x^12) - (1/x^6) --> Lennard-Jones potential
    Jose.Antonio>                 g(x)=(1/x^12) ---> Repulsive part
    Jose.Antonio>                 h(x)=-(1/x^6) ---> Attractive part

    Jose.Antonio> I don't understand very the order of the command: div sub exch ...
    Jose.Antonio> and finally where can I get this information.

  There was nearly the same question few days ago. Look at the archives of
this list:

  PostScript language use RPN (Reverse Polish Notation):
(1/x^12) - (1/x^6) --> 1 x 12 exp div 1 x 6 exp div sub

  Nevertheless, I guess that your functions will have a strange appearance,
as the values seems to vary very heavily.


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