[pstricks] Using the "psplot"

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Nov 16 21:46:35 CET 2001

>>>>> "Stephane.Lemarie" == Stephane Lemarie <lemarie at grenoble.inra.fr> writes:

    Stephane.Lemarie> - I am trying to use the psplot function, and i am a bit lost with the way 
    Stephane.Lemarie> i should program, in the postscript langage, the function i want to draw.
    Stephane.Lemarie> I have not seen a lot of details on this particular point in the different
    Stephane.Lemarie> pstricks tutorials (just a couple of example). I have seen that there are
    Stephane.Lemarie> different books on postscipt... but if i can avoid that. Does some of you
    Stephane.Lemarie> have a document (electronic form) that give a rather synthetic information
    Stephane.Lemarie> on how to draw curves using the postscript langage.

  Some people already kindly offer to help you directly. But for you and other
interested people, I can add some advices to found informations and tutorials
on the Web (I thought that I already did it in the past, but I didn't succeed
to found the message in the archives...)

  The reference manual is the "PostScript Language Reference, The Red Book",
Third Edition (912 pages, Addison-Wesley, 1999; ISBN 0201379228). It is
available on line ( http://www.adobe.com/print/postscript/pdfs/PLRM.pdf ),
but printing a 912 pages book will be more expensive that buying it!

  Nevertheless, just for plotting functions with `pst-plot', you will need
a small fraction of the language. Using the examples you will have and
refering to some online tutorials must be enough.

  For instance, look at:

  The whole tutorial is on:

  Of course, you could find other ones. A good list of resources on PostScript
could be found on:
and for using PostScript as a programming language on a dedicated page on it:


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