PDFLATEX (was Re:[pstricks] help)

Michael M. Dougherty doughem at swosu.edu
Thu Sep 6 14:52:15 CEST 2001

Denis Girou wrote:
>     Gonzalez.de.Durana.Garcia > Hi! Know somebody the way to use pstricks in pdflatex?
>   No (direct) way.

My personal favorite is to use (in Linux/UNIX) ps2pdf.  In such a case
you do not actually call pdflatex, so in a way I'm not answering your 
question.  What I do is:

1. latex file.tex   to produce the file.dvi file.
2. dvips -o file.ps file.dvi  to make a Postscript file from the DVI
3. ps2pdf file.ps file.pdf  to convert the .ps file to a PDF file.

The output is not always so pretty on the Acrobat viewer.  It usually
looks better in Ghostview.  I think if the final file is not too big
it will render fine.  If it is too big you can break it up into smaller
bits, as in
2. dvips -pp 1-5 -o file.ps file.dvi to make a .ps file of the first
five pages.  You can also use the save-marked-pages-to-file in Ghostview
pick out the pages you want.

One advantage to the approach outlined above is that you do not have to 
convert the images, but instead convert the whole document (or pieces
of it).

Of course if you really want to use pdflatex then the reply Denis gave
is (as always) the authoritative answer.

Good luck.
--Mike Dougherty

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