[pstricks] Including Postscript calculations in documents

Chris Sangwin sangwinc at for.mat.bham.ac.uk
Mon Jul 30 14:28:19 CEST 2001

I had this problem also as I write a lot of mathematics and typeset
figures to illustrate it.

One package I've used quite a lot is the FP package.  

Available from http://www.tex.ac.uk search for the file fp.sty

If you use multido (which, if you need to typeset any serious pictures I
think is almost indispensable....) you need to read the FP documentation
at the end.....


On 29 Jul 2001, Jay Bloodworth wrote:

> I am trying to write some macros to draw and label various parts of
> geometric figures given information about the figures side lengths and
> angles.  For example, TriangleSSS{3}{4}{5} would draw a 3-4-5 right
> triangle.
> Drawing the figures has not been a problem; using \SpecialCoor I can
> insert the postscript that does the appropriate algebra right in the
> coordinate specifiers.  The problem is that I need to use some of these
> calculated values as labels.
> I know that there is no way for postscript to pass a value back to tex.
> So how do I get at these calculations.  I know that in theory I can do
> them in tex, but I don't think I have the patience to write tex code to
> do fixed point trig.  My other thought was that since I've got my
> calculated value sitting right there on the top of the stack, I can just
> do a show to paint it using raw postscript.  This works, but the output
> does not follow the current pstricks paramaters and tex-generated output
> doesn't flow around it.  I guess what I asking is given a value on the
> top of the stack, can someone give me postscript code to display the
> value using current parameters and in proper relation to the tex-based
> material around it.
> E.G.
> Hi, I am \pscustom{\code{13 2 mul <pscode>}} years old
> should display
> Hi, I am 26 years old
> in the current font, color, etc.  It is not imperative that spacing be
> perfect (with kerning, etc.), just reasonable.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Jay
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