[pstricks] Q: linewidth zero

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Tue Jul 17 11:20:40 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Juergen.Goebel" == Juergen Goebel <juergen.goebel at lfk.eads.net> writes:

    Juergen.Goebel> sometimes it's desirable to use a line with width zero, e. g.
    Juergen.Goebel> \psframe[linewidth=0pt](0,0)(10,0). But it seems that
    Juergen.Goebel> there is an inherent minimum width, which I cannot change!?

  Yes, this could (must...) be disturbing, but the problem here is inherent
to PostScript, as "linewidth=0" is just translated to the "0 setlinewidth"
PostScript command. You could verify it on the simple PostScript file:



0 setlinewidth

300 300 moveto
200 200 lineto
400 100 lineto



"A line width of zero is acceptable: it is interpreted as the thinnest line
that can be rendered at device resolution -in other words, one device pixel
wide. Some devices cannot reproduce one-pixel lines, and on high-resolution
devices, such lines are nearly invisible.

Since the results of rendering such "zero-width" lines are device dependent,
their use is not recommended. The actual line width achieved by stroke can
differ from the requested width by as much as two device pixels, depending on
the positions of lines with respect to the pixel grid."

  See for instance

    Juergen.Goebel> What do I have to do to get a linewidth zero?

  You must rather use "linestyle=none".


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