[pstricks] Re: pst-eucl (integrating Metapost into Pstricks :-)

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Wed Jun 27 22:08:24 CEST 2001

>>>>> "John.Culleton" == John Culleton <service at wexfordpress.com> writes:

    John.Culleton> How does one use pstricks in genealogy work? Drawing
    John.Culleton> charts of family trees?

  Yes. I put some examples some years ago on the Trees pages. But as in most
fields, you discover when you open it door that this is a huge world with a
lot of specific requirements and problems...

    John.Culleton> Interesting concept. Is there any resource I could contact?

  There was an address on the Web page, but I am not sure that she has real
time to help personally other people (I'm pretty sure of the opposite: of
course, this is only a hobby for her and this is a very busy person). But
I know that she plan to write and diffuse one day a pedagogical report on his
experiments and to explain what she found the most adapted solution in each
major situation.

  P.S. Please, now use your subscription address to write to this list,
or switch of it!


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