[pstricks] problem with \listplot

Goebel, Juergen juergen.goebel at lfk.eads.net
Mon Jun 25 10:08:06 CEST 2001


just another problem with \listplot: I'm using the following
structure to show a function.



\savedata{\bpsk}[{-40.00, -35.00}, {-39.84, -30.00}, {-39.68,
-30.00}, {39.84, -20.00}, {40.00, -35.00}]





The result is nearly acceptable - just one line disturbs! pstricks
shows a connection from (50,35) (the *new* (0,0)) to the starting
point of the \listplot (-40,-35). This is - following the docu - somewhat
logical, but it's absolutely unwanted. What do I have to do? 

And another question: The parameter plotstyle=line should lead to
a curve, consisting of a number of straight lines. The result of the
above example looks like a sort of spline-interpolation. Why?



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