AW: [pstricks] PostScript code within PSTricks

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Wed Jun 13 21:07:57 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Ulrich.Dirr" == Ulrich Dirr <ud at> writes:

    Ulrich.Dirr> I've tested your solution, but always get an postscript error!?

    Ulrich.Dirr> Unrecoverable error: undefined in SDict

  It must not!

    Ulrich.Dirr> I'm using PSTricks v97 patch 14  <1999/12/23> (tvz) with YandYTeX.

  The patch level of the .tex file is of course an important information, but
PSTricks is also related to the .pro files for PostScript headers, and here
I think that this is probably the origin of your problem.

  I can't be affirmative, as I never use the YandY TeX distribution myself,
but I guess that the problem is probably with it. Their Web page can't be
reached this evening, so I can't check, but I know that they distribute their
own versions of some of the PostScript header files, as they require their
own adaptations to their system. When I looked at them long time ago,
I see that some files were strongly different than the ones distributed for
the "dvips" converter. Some differences were due to required adaptations,
but I'm afraid not only (I don't remember exactly, but I kept the idea that
I was very surprised by some of the changes, that some came from the fact that
they started sometimes from the files of the old 0.93 version and not the 97
one, that they have not integrated the patches on the .pro files after the
release of the version 0.97, etc.).

  So, if people have problems on the example I posted yesterday with another
TeX distribution, it could be interested to report (myself I use only the
teTeX and VTeX (from MicroPress) distributions), but I rather guess that this
concern the YandY one.


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