[pstricks] PDFLatEX and PSTricks

Radhakrishnan C V cvr at river-valley.com
Fri Feb 9 14:39:58 CET 2001

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Renato De Leone wrote:

: This is probably a very stupid question. I would like to produce a
: screen and a paper version of some notes using pdfscreen. Can I
: use pstricks inside? What I really need is pdftricks. Is such a
: beast around? 

I have a package, pdftricks.sty, which employs a dirty trick of
writing all your pstricks code to external self standing LaTeX files
during the first run of pdfLaTeX. Along with this, a shell script is
also written which when executed will compile all the individual
figure files. In the next run of pdfLaTeX, all these dvi's will be
converted to eps's, eps's to pdf's with epstopdf and placed at the
appropriate locations automatically.

There are limitations however:

1. It works only with web2c implementations of TeX since you need
   shell escape.

2. Your OS must be either Unix/Linux or should have GNU tools
   for your OS installed.

3. You must have ps2eps (to fix the bounding boxes of eps from
   pstricks which will be erratic when converted to pdf with
   epstopdf) bundle downloaded from CTAN and

4. epstopdf, Sebastian's perl script.

5. You cant have cross-references inside a pstricks figure.

If you are brave enough, I can send the archive of the package. It is
still beta, that's why I've not yet released to CTAN. But in all the
trials by my friends, it works fine.

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