[pstricks] Pstricks & pdf

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Tue Jan 9 22:11:08 CET 2001

>>>>> "John.Culleton" == john  <john at wexfordpress.net> writes:

    John.Culleton> The program pdftex won't process most pstricks statements.
    John.Culleton> The tex -> dvi -> ps -> pdf process will in fact handle the 
    John.Culleton> specials but Acroread chokes on the resulting pdf file.

  It must not. First check that you have a recent version of GhostScript (6.50
is the current one from Aladdin - for some reasons, the version available with 
most distributions is the GNU one, which is one year delayed comparing to the
current version). In any case, don't expect correct behaviour with a version
< 6.0. Check also that you have the current 4.05 version of Acroread
(there were some problems with version 4.0).

    John.Culleton> One party suggested Metapost as an alternative. I know that
    John.Culleton> Metapost is less handy than pstricks, but does anyone have
    John.Culleton> eperience using Metapost "tricks" in documents which will
    John.Culleton> end up as pdf files? 

  This question is a MetaPost one, so it has not it place here...
MetaPost has is own mailing list: use it for MetaPost questions.
This is <metafont at ens.fr>. For subscription and access to the archives,
you can look at

  In any case, if you search on the various archives (as on
http://www.tug.org/ListsArchives/pdftex/threads.html ), you will found a lot
of informations on this subject.


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