arrowhead ,,in the middle'' of the line (arc) in psmatrix

Jan Krupa krupa at
Sat Dec 2 16:21:58 CET 2000

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I would like to draw in diagram a line (or curve or arc)
which connects two nodes and  the line (or curve) is to be with
arrowhead not at the end (or beginning) of the line (or curve)
but in the middle of the line, more precisely somewhere between
the beginning and the end of the line (arc).
I use %\psmatrix  and %\ncline and %\ncarc
e.g. node1 ---->---- node2

It is easy to draw such line or arc with arrowhead in the middle
outside psmatrix but I need them in diagram so I need to use
e.g. psmatrix.

Q2: How to set different rowsep and colsep for different
part of psmatrix? E.g. 
rowsep between 1st and 2nd row is 2cm but between 2nd and 3rd is 3cm.
Similar for column.

Thanks in advance


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