diagram (psmatrix) problem

Jan Krupa krupa at alpha.sggw.waw.pl
Sat Nov 11 19:47:35 CET 2000

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Below I attached LaTex file with some diagram.
I need to adjust the length (make longer) of the
arrow which slopes from node (1,3) (\Gamma the upper right corner)
to (2,2) ( {\ds \tilde \Gamma_k} ).
Of course when I put just  {\ds \tilde \Gamma} without the subscript k
the diagram is satisfied but I need \Gamma with subscript k.

Does anybody know how to achieve that?
I think I could create the diagram not using psmatrix and psnode
but It seems that using psmatrix and psnode should be the




          &                     &  \Gamma \\
 \tilde X & {\ds \tilde \Gamma_k} & \\
X & {\ds \Gamma_k} &
\ncarc[arcangle=-20]{1,3}{2,1}^{\tilde p_k}
\ncput*{\varphi }
\ncline{2,2}{2,1}^{\tilde p_k}
\ncline{2,2}{3,2}<{ \tilde \Gamma_k}



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