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Laser Printer Cartridges at discount prices

Our Info and/or Order Line: 1-888-883-2024

Our Fax Line: 1-888-977-1577

*** For All E-mail removal please call: 1-888-248-4930 ***

Order by Fax or Phone

Laser Printer Toner Cartridges, Fax and Copier Cartridges

We accept Government, School & University Purchase Orders
Just Leave your PO# with correct billing & shipping Address
Current Prices are as follows:  
Our cartridges for Hewlett Packard printers:    
4L,4p,1100 and series 2 cartridges are now $49 
2p cartridges are $54            
3si cartridges are 75           
4000 and 2100 cartridges are $79 
5000 and 8100 cartridges are $135
5p, 6p, 5mp and 6mp cartridges are $59

Our cartridges for Apple printers

Pro 600 or 16-600 cartridges are now $69 
Laser writer select 300,320 and 360 cartridges are $69
Laser writer 300 and 320 cartridges are $54
Laser writer NT, 2nt, 2f, 2g and LS cartridges are $54
Laser writer personal 12-640 cartridges are $79

Our cartridges for Hewlett Packard laser fax machines

Our laser fax 500,700,5000,7000,fx1 and fx2 cartridges are now 
Our laser fax fx3 cartridges are $69
Our laser fax fx4 cartridges are $79

Our cartridges for Lexmark and IBM printers

Optra 4019 and 4029 are now $125
optra r,r+ and optra s cartridges are $135
optra e cartridges are $59

Our cartridges for canon copiers

pc 3, 6re, 7 and 11 (A30) are now $69
pc 300,320,700,720 and 760 (E-40) are $89

Please include your Phone number, Company Name, Shipping Address, 
needed with quantities, method of payment (COD, Credit Card or 
We ship UPS Ground (Add $4.5). Our standard exchange 
policy is 90 days. (All Cartridges are oem or compatible)

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