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    E.Krishnan> Can anybody tell me where I can find documentation for the features of
    E.Krishnan> PSTricks not included in the users manual or the graphics companion (such
    E.Krishnan> as for example, pst-poly)?

  I'm convainced that the best thing would be to have files using the
"docstrip" format (.ins + .dtx files) which allow to include both the
source files and the documentation in the same packaging, even for generic
applications like PSTricks (LaTeX is required only to generate the
documentation but the code can be used also with "plain" or with ConTeXt,
for instance).

  Nevertheless, today there are only the contributions of Martin Giese,
`pst-slpe' and `pst-blur', and my `pst-gr3d' one, which have this format.
But the other contributions have their documentation has accompanying files
(for instance, see the files doc-poly.* and t-poly?.tex in
CTAN/graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-poly for `pst-poly' and the file
pst-osci.doc in CTAN/graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-osci for `pst-osci').

  For easiness, I also put some formatted documentation files in some places
on the PSTricks Web pages. Look at


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