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Bernd Brandt bernd at
Tue Sep 19 11:22:38 CEST 2000

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Dear all,

A few months ago i received a way to draw nodes with labels.
I have constructed a psmatrix withtwo lines with an offset now.
How can i make the labels, which are put below and above the line,
follow the offset? Furthermore i used a dummy node, with a fixed
position where it should connect with the line. Is there a way to
automate this as well? (depending on the colsep, rowsep, and offset?

                             & [name=E01]\MyBox{$E_{01}$} \\[0pt]
  [name=E00]\MyBox{$E_{00}$} &           & [name=E11]\MyBox{$E_{11}$} \\
                             & [name=E10]\MyBox{$E_{10}$}
  % Node connections
%This is the fixed dummy node: 
  \nccurve[nodesepA=0.1,nodesepB=0,ncurv=0.6,angleA=30, angleB=200]{-}{XA1}{X1}
  \nccurve[nodesepA=0.1,nodesepB=0,ncurv=0.9,angleA=0, angleB=160]{-}{XB2}{X2}
  \nccurve[nodesepA=0.1,nodesepB=0,ncurv=0.9,angleA=0, angleB=160]{-}{XB2}{X3}

I am looking forward to receiving some tips


Bernd Brandt

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