curveto problem fix

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Mon May 8 22:42:30 CEST 2000

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    Jacek.Pliszka> Could somebody tell me whether there exists a simple fix
    Jacek.Pliszka> of \curveto problem is postricks?

    Jacek.Pliszka> ...

    Jacek.Pliszka> But I cannot get \curveto to work.

  When you intent to report a problem, always send the version numbers of the
packages you use (given in the compile trace and the .log file), and also
check the list of old corrections (CTAN/graphics/pstricks/CHANGES).

  Here, first check that you have a patched version >= 11 of pstricks.tex.
If not, upgrade it from CTAN. Otherwise, send a minimal test case of your

  * 99/08/03 pstricks.tex (97 patch 11): The \curveto and \rcurveto macros
were broken due to a typo in the \pst at threecoor macro (in fact, it was
already present in version 0.93...)


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