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Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Tue May 2 19:15:38 CEST 2000

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>>>>> "R.Mehta" == R K Mehta <rkm at> writes:

    R.Mehta> I have been trying to install 'circuit macro' / Pstricks for long but
    R.Mehta> unable to do so. We downloded the files pstricks.tar.gz and
    R.Mehta> circuit_macros.tar.gz from CTAN archive. We tried to untar for
    R.Mehta> installation but could not untar it. It complains that its not a tar file.
    R.Mehta> Could someone please kindly help me to install pstricks.
    R.Mehta> I am using a Linux m/c with TeX 3.14159 and tar (version GNU) for this.
    R.Mehta> Please kindly mention the steps to install it.

  [This question seems not really related to PSTricks, so not well suited for
this forum. Usenet newsgroups like comp.text.tex -or even here Linux
newsgroups- are more adapted for such general questions].

  I do not know which version of TeX implementation you have, but teTeX is the 
far most spread under Linux and have itself PSTricks included (without the
last patches, but it doesn't matter in most cases).

  In any case, if you want to install a new version of a package or a non
available one (circuit_macros is not included in teTeX), check the
instructions in teTeX documentation on how to install a local texmf tree
and configure your texmf.cnf file.

  Nevertheless, your problem seems to be on the tar file. So, first check for
the basic things: that you were in binary mode during the transfer, that the
transfert did not abort before the end, that you use the "z" switch to extract
the files ("tar zxvf pstricks.tar.gz"), etc.


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