Node Connections and Overlays?

Holger Meuss meuss at
Fri Apr 14 10:42:42 CEST 2000

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Denis Girou writes:
 > >>>>> "Holger.Meuss" == Holger Meuss <meuss at> writes:
 >     Holger.Meuss> I try to make overlay slides with node A on the first slide, node B on 
 >     Holger.Meuss> the second and an edge between node A and node B on the second slide,
 >     Holger.Meuss> too. 
 >     Holger.Meuss> The problem is that the edge does not connect nodes A and B but
 >     Holger.Meuss> goes out of the respectivve slide. I imagine it tries to connect to the other
 >     Holger.Meuss> slide where node A (node B, resp.) is located. 
 >   Briefly speaking, I discover this problem myself few months ago, when I also 
 > tried to use overlays for a PSTricks diagram done with a "psmatrix" environment, 
 > so using nodes. The solution is easy (to use but not to found: I must
 > investigate the problem rather long time before to understand it). To use
 > overlays AND nodes, you must switch to another mode of management of overlays,
 > activated by the \AltOverlayMode macro (undocumented, as far as I know...).
 > But I can't explain why this mode is not the default (and unique) one...

<Code deleted>

Great, this works perfectly! Thank you very much,

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