PSTricks and project management

Marc Garriga marcg at
Tue Mar 14 21:29:15 CET 2000

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Hi all,

    I have just started using PSTricks in LaTeX and I need to make a
Gantt diagram within PSTricks tools.

    The Gantt Diagram is for control the tasks of one project, so I need
a command that make me a box with one label, with and height, ...

    I attempt with \psframe but the results aren't good, next are the my



    \newcommand{\Mark}[2]{\pscircle*(#2,\value{Line}){1} #1







My only question is: I'm on the right way? or perhaps there is any other
way more easy?

Thanks a lot!


P.D. And sorry for this strange (and stoopid) question.

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