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This is the PSTricks mailing list, devoted to discussions about computational
graphics in (La)TeX using the PSTricks package from Timothy van Zandt.
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    Robert.Burridge> Please send me information about how to obtain PSTricks.

  PSTricks is included in the modern and up to date distributions like teTeX
for Unix systems and fpTeX for Windows, and some other ones.

  If you use other operating systems or distributions which doesn't include
it, you can found PSTricks in the TexLive 4 Cdrom or download it from your
nearest CTAN mirror in the graphics/pstricks directory. The list of the
mirrors is in the file CTAN.sites which has the following list in U.S.: (West coast, USA)         /pub/tex/ctan (Florida, USA)         /tex-archive (North Carolina, USA)      /tex-archive (New York, USA)             /pub/tex (Tennessee, USA)    /pub/CTAN (Vermont, USA)         /pub/tex (North Carolina, USA)   /pub/packages/TeX (Missouri, USA)     /packages/TeX


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