Problems with instalatio of PStricks.

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Sat Jan 8 01:12:17 CET 2000

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    Iossif.Mugtussidis> the first directory that is searched is the systems and as a result of that
    Iossif.Mugtussidis> only the old files are found. How can I make latex search first on the
    Iossif.Mugtussidis> directory on my account? Thank you for your help.

  You do not say which Unix operating system nor which TeX implementation you
used. If I guess correctly that you used a proprietary system like AIX, IRIX,
Solaris, etc. and not the teTeX distribution, first check your search path
variable by issuing an "echo $TEXINPUTS" and verifying that the directory
which contain the new version come before the one which contain the old one.

  If ever you use teTeX (but current version of teTeX come with an up to date
PSTricks version), read it installation documentation and mainly look at 
the comments in the file texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf and make the necessary

  P.S. Take care that PSTricks is a rather specific and complex package.
It will not be enough to install the .tex and .sty files. You must also
install the dvips/* files in a proper directory (you can have to check
"echo $DVIPSHEADERS") - you will have tedious problems if you mix 97 version
.tex files and 0.93 version .pro files. And if you do not use the dvips
converter from DVI to PostScript, you will have other changes to do
(see the general README of the PSTricks distribution).

  Good luck!


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