PSTricks 97, Bug with origin and text?

Harald Kirsch (@home) kir at
Tue Dec 30 12:33:52 CET 1997

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Hi there.

A few days ago I installed PST97 on my computer after reading about
it in `The LaTeX Graphics Companion'. It works pretty well and I
really like that kind of creating technical drawings as compared
to mousing-around approaches.

For subobjects of a drawing I use the approach to shift the origin
right before drawing the object. This way it is trivial to move the
object as a whole to another place later, if necessary.

However, today I discovered what seems to be a bug. Please try the
following simple file and find that the `A' is not placed within
the circle.



  \cput(0,0){A}            %% The `A' will not be in the circle!!


It would be nice to hear of a simple workaround (other than not
using `origin=') or get a patch to correct the problem.

While we are at it. In a future release it would be great, if 
moving the origin to (3,4) could be done with
instead of with
For me it is surprising anyway that the given coordinates for origin
always refer to the `original origin' and are not interpreted
relative to the last origin. I like it that way and reckon that a
multiplication with -1 can be included easily.

Thank you very much,
	Harald Kirsch
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