arrows in the middle of bezier curves

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Fri Dec 12 23:39:58 CET 1997

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>>>>> "Tamas.Bori" == Tamas Bori <bori at> writes:

    Tamas.Bori> I've made some extensions to the PSTricks macro package before
    Tamas.Bori> (eg. using points of intersection of circles and lines as coordinate,
    Tamas.Bori> some other fillstyles and linestyles and corresponding other
    Tamas.Bori> pssets too, the poosibility to use the arrows ]-[, )-( etc.)
    Tamas.Bori> and an arrows linestyle too, but that works not,
    Tamas.Bori> how it intended to. I'm not an PostScript guru, so I wonder,
    Tamas.Bori> if somebody can investigate this...

  You can send me these personaly and I will try to look at them (not before

  Nevertheless, for new forms of defined arrows, I show in
the standard way to define them - in this case ]-[

  And for new fillstyles, I think that using `pst-fill' is the better way,
as it is very general and powerful. I suppose that only few people use it,
as there was no documentation available anywhere.

  These last two months, I spend a lot of time to improve the macros and to
write an extensive documentation. First version is ready now and was just sent
to few readers for first comments. If there are no bad or difficult comments,
it will be available in one week.

    Tamas.Bori> % linestyle=Arrows ;  Arrowsep=<dim> <num>

    Tamas.Bori> ............................................................

    Tamas.Bori> If this didn't work at all (me works somehow, so I missed something),

  Thanks for your work. I had no PostScript error in my tests and sometimes it
seems to give good result. It's true that on other circonstances, results
seems strange. But it is not easy (at least for me) to understand the
PostScript code. I'll try to look at it more precisely later and also to think
generally to the problem. For some kind of curves, it seems easy (Thomas
Siegel implement in few lines a version of \psline which draw the arrow at the
end of each segment).


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