[Problem] Hachures starting position

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Dec 12 23:33:16 CET 1997

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  Nearly all the time, the starting position of hachures doesn't matter
and I was the first to have never look at it before. But on special
circonstances, when we must put contiguous areas filled by hachures, we can
want to control them. And I discover that up to now the starting point is
randomly positioned.

  It seems very easy to correct. But I would like to know if it work too with
other driver than mine (dvips).

  My test case is:









\pst at def{LineFill}<{%
  abs CLW add
  /a ED
  a 0 dtransform round exch round exch 2 copy idtransform
      exch Atan rotate idtransform pop
  /a ED
% DG/SR modification begin - Dec. 12, 1997
%  .25 .25 itransform translate pathbbox
  .25 .25 itransform pathbbox
% DG/SR modification end
  /y2 ED
  a Div ceiling cvi
  /x2 ED
  /y1 ED
  a Div cvi
  /x1 ED
  /y2 y2 y1 sub def
  2 setlinecap
  /setstrokeadjust known { true setstrokeadjust } if
  x2 x1 sub 1 add {
    x1 a mul y1 moveto
    0 y2 rlineto
    /x1 x1 1 add def }
  grestore }>




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