Conclusion: arrows in the middle of bezier curves

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Fri Dec 12 23:32:27 CET 1997

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>>>>> "Paulo.Abreu" == Paulo Abreu <paulotex at> writes:

    Paulo.Abreu>   \tvput{\pscustom{\arrows{->}\code{-30 -20 0 3 ArrowB}}}

    Paulo.Abreu> ............................................................

    Paulo.Abreu> This example bombed on GhostView due to some \relax's in the
    Paulo.Abreu> ps file (generated with dvips). After manually removing
    Paulo.Abreu> the offending words, it worked fine.

  I suppose that it is only because you haven't correct the bug I report
October 17:

  Please, confirm to me.

  In any case, I would like to send before Christmas to Sebastian all the
patches I have (15 if my count is correct) for which the corrections were only
posted here, for a general update on CTAN. As "alive" bugs, I have only the
one on `fancybox', for which I rewrite several times the internal output
macro to update it to 2e, but which has still side effects (frames are not
correctly centered - or if they are headers, footers and/or text are not...)

    Paulo.Abreu> and I'd like to resume the information I got, in case
    Paulo.Abreu> somebody as a similar problem to solve.

  Thank you for your cooperative spirit and efforts. I'll try in January to
open a new page on the Web server to store all this kind of cooking solutions
to various questions.

Subject: arrows in the middle of bezier curves
Subject: parametric description of a bezier curve
Subject: Re: Conclusion: arrows in the middle of bezier curves

  Just avoid to change the subject of the messages for the same question, and
make a reply on others replies or on your own message. Because otherwise you
break the automatic thread mechanism of the utility which organize the


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