fileplot making white dots?

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Fri Dec 5 23:39:42 CET 1997

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    Gordon.Haverland> In an effort to work around a teTeX distribution
    Gordon.Haverland> running out of memory on Linux, I started using
    Gordon.Haverland> (or trying to use) \fileplot in PSTricks.

    Gordon.Haverland> I am trying to plot 500 data points within a graph.
    Gordon.Haverland> Gnuplot 3.5 generated the original pstricks instructions,
    Gordon.Haverland> but LaTeX runs out of memory.  I tried moving the
    Gordon.Haverland> points to a data file, and then having them read in
    Gordon.Haverland> by fileplot.  The graph is about 600x300pt.  If I
    Gordon.Haverland> set dotsize=500pt 0, and view the output using gs,
    Gordon.Haverland> I first see my page of (surrounding) text and the outline
    Gordon.Haverland> of the graph, and then the middle of the page is
    Gordon.Haverland> blanked out.  Reducing dotsize to 250pt (still ridiculous),
    Gordon.Haverland> only half of the graph is blanked out.  It appears
    Gordon.Haverland> that fileplot is plotting white dots, not black like the
    Gordon.Haverland> outline of the graph and the text.

  I'm still waiting for the test case I require.

  Generally, think that it is always very difficult to have an idea of a
problem if there is not a test file given, reduced as possible to the strict
problem. Without it, and preferably the log file to check the various versions 
of the packages you used, you have few chance to see the problem solved, if it
is not one already mentioned and corrected.

  Concerning gnuplot, I had also some limitation memory with the LaTeX, eepic, 
PSTricks driver when I used them. Often, only the PostScript driver can be
used for huge graphics. But it depend also of your TeX engine. Some can manage
rather huge memory. And with web2c 7.n, situation will be better.


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