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Fri Nov 7 11:08:36 CET 1997

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Denis Girou wrote:
>     Ulrich.Dirr> (2)
>     Ulrich.Dirr> I've recently updated the pstricks package to the pst97 version.
>     Ulrich.Dirr> I had to make a new edition of a mathematical schoolbook where i had
>     Ulrich.Dirr> successfully used the "old" pstricks macros.
>     Ulrich.Dirr> The following problems occured:
>     Ulrich.Dirr> 1. all hatching with hlines and vlines in a polygon were rotated 90
>     Ulrich.Dirr> degrees.
>   Strange, I see no difference between 93 and 97 for hlines and vlines
> fillstyle. Send me your test case. And which dvi to ps converter do you used?

One of many examples is:

\psset{xunit=.5cm,yunit=.5cm,curvature=1 .1 .75,plotpoints=200}

In the first edition I used \pspolygon without hatchangle and the result
was hlines at 0 degree and vlines at 135 degree (assuming 0 degree as
the origin with counterclockwise direction). With PST97 the hlines
appeared at 90 degree and vlines at 45 degree; so I had to add a
hatchangle of 90 degree to compensate for this behavior.
I'm using the Y&Y DVIPSONE driver with appropriate header files to work
with PSTricks (maybe the problem is here!). These are PSTRICKS.CON 799
26.07.97 20:20 and PSTRICKS.PRO 12.339 08.09.97 18:36.

>   It's a funny case... In fact, the "c" value was never described and you must
> had not use it in the past! See the diagram page 44 of the documentation which
> show that the values tlrbB are the only defined ones. So we can't consider
> this problem as a bug.

Oh God! Sorry. Maybe it was to logical for me to have Bc and cr for
alignment at the ticks!
>   Nevertheless with the linewidth, dotted, dotsep, dashed and dash parameters
> you have already many possibilities to distinguish between lines. Not enough
> for your applications?

It's enough for me but not for my publisher!


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