[Problem] (coor1|coor2) special coordinates

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Mon Oct 27 19:22:34 CET 1997

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  Ivan Maio <maio at polito.it> report today the following problem: the
(coor1|coor2) special coordinates (see documentation page 72) produce an error
at compile time.

  Reason is that it was a bug in PSTricks 0.93a, corrected with entry 20
in 1994 pstricks.bug. But this correction was missing in PSTricks 97

  Correction is:



\def\mixed at coor#1#2{%
\let\pst at tempa\pst at coor
\xdef\pst at tempg{\pst at tempa pop \pst at coor exch pop }%
\let\pst at coor\pst at tempg}







  This is patch 6 for pstricks.tex 93a/b-97:

  * 97/10/27 pstricks.tex (93a/b-97 patch 6): the (coor1|coor2) special
coordinates produce an error, due to a bug in 0.93a version, which correction
in pstricks.bug was not reported in PST 97.
(reported by Ivan Maio <maio at polito.it>)


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