[Problem] On trees, sons are aligned only if they are subtrees, not leaves

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Oct 17 23:34:02 CEST 1997

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  On trees, the sons are aligned only if they are subtrees. If they are leaves
they are not aligned. The result is clearly different if the material on the
nodes is not a single line.

  It is a case where it is difficult to say if it is "a bug or a feature",
even if I don't think that this is the expected result. Nevertheless, I will
not change the source code (and also I have no definitive correction...)

  We can obtain the coherent result changing the leaves concerned by a tree
with a null subtree (so changing XXXX to \pstree{XXXX}{\Tn}), but it is not
pleasant. I have found a correction for most cases, but it is not always
convenient (sometimes the level number to add is greater than 1). I just give
this solution in case it can be useful.

  My test case is:

% This file must be compiled twice











% To align subtrees according of length of all the leaves at a level,
% and not only to the ones of the relevant subtree
\def\pstree at node@v{%
\edef\pstree at leftprofile{\psk at thistreenodesize\pst at dima,\pstree at stop,}%
\edef\pstree at rightprofile{\psk at thistreenodesize\pst at dimb,\pstree at stop,}%
% DG modification begin - Sep. 25, 1997
%\pssubtree at vertical}
\pssubtree at vertical
\def\pst at tempc{\number\pst at dimc}%
\def\pst at tempd{\number\pst at dimd}%
\pstree at vertlevelsepadjust{\lower}}%
% DG modification end




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