[Problem] \thput and \tvput doesn't work (PostScript error)

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Oct 17 23:33:49 CEST 1997

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  Using \thput or \tvput generate a PostScript error.

  From CHANGES file:

  * 97/09/26 pst-node.tex (93a/b,94beta-97 patch 4): Correct a bug which made
that \thput and \tvput didn't work (it generate a PostScript error)
(reported by Denis Girou <Denis.Girou at idris.fr>)

  My test case is (comment the first \pcline to have the correction worked):





\def\psput at tput#1#2{%
\use at par
\pst at tputmakesmall
\pst at Verb{%
\pst at nodedict
/t \psk at tpos \pst at tposflip def
tx at NodeDict /HPutPos known
{ #1PutPos }
{ CP /Y ED /X ED /NAngle 0 def /NCLW 0 def }
/Sin NAngle sin def
/Cos NAngle cos def
/s \pst at number\pslabelsep NCLW add def
/l \pst at number\pst at dima def
/r \pst at number\pst at dimb def
/h \pst at number\pst at dimc def
/d \pst at number\pst at dimd def
% DG/SR modification begin - Sep. 26, 1997
\ifnum1=0#2 \else
% DG/SR modification end
/flag #2 def
\csname tx@#1PutAdjust\endcsname
\tx at LPutCoor
\tx at PutBegin}%
\box\pst at hbox
\pst at Verb{\tx at PutEnd}}%
\pst at shortput}




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