bug in fancybox

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Tue Sep 9 22:48:10 CEST 1997

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    D.G.>   Nevertheless, I don't know why a problem occur here. What is sure is that
    D.G.> it is related to the internal mechanism to output the pages, that fancybox
    D.G.> redefine and which has drastically changed between LaTeX 209 (on which
    D.G.> fancybox is based) and 2e. As it is very TeXnical, I'm stricly unable to
    D.G.> update it for 2e. But after looking at the code of \@outputpage in 2e and a
    D.G.> lot of experiments, the following changes seems to work (even if I can't
    D.G.> justify them...)

  Unfortunately, using this version on other documents, I discover another
major problem that I was unable to solve.

  So, as I losed hope to obtain a correct situation, I change my mind and try
the other way: removing all the FancyBox code to output the pages, which was
the LaTeX 209 code hacked by Timothy to get FancyBox results, replacing it by
the new LaTeX 2e code for that and re-inserting the hacks. This phase was not
difficult, but I got as it can be expected strange side effects in several
directions... So I must introduce other modifications to eliminate these side
effects... All my test cases are satisfaying now, which of course prove

  I must also take care to don't brake too much compatibility with old LaTeX
installations. Problem is that it concern internal LaTeX code which is
sometimes changed following LaTeX updates. It is transparent, as most users
never "see" this code, but not if we used hacked version... I see soon that in
fact the new code introduced in FancyBox will only with the last June version,
and not for all installations which are not up to date (the great majority, we
can be sure!). So, I also do something to remove the dependancy on June
version, but can only verify that it work too with the December 96 one.

  Now, the good point is that it is a better up to date version. The bad point 
is that there are important changes in the original code that are not
validated nor by Timothy nor by experience.

  So, before to diffuse it, it must be more tested, in other contexts.

  I put this temporary version (v1.0/97 patch 2 Beta <1997/09/09>) in

  For those of you who use FancyBox, thanks to report your experiments
(personaly, as there is no reason to bother the list with that, and using the
[FancyBox] flag in the message subject). I'm also interested to know if it
work with rather "old" LaTeX versions (I engage to don't report it to somebody 
else if your installation is not up to date!)



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