bug in fancybox

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Wed Sep 3 23:02:09 CEST 1997

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>>>>> "Eric.Picheral" == Eric Picheral <- CRI Universite' Rennes 1 -" <Eric.Picheral at univ-rennes1.fr>> writes:

    Eric.Picheral> I just discover what seems to be a bug in the new version of
    Eric.Picheral> fancybox.sty.
    Eric.Picheral> Here is the latex source :

    Eric.Picheral> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Eric.Picheral> \documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{article}
    Eric.Picheral> \usepackage{fancybox}
    Eric.Picheral> \begin{document}
    Eric.Picheral> \tableofcontents
    Eric.Picheral> \section{section 1}
    Eric.Picheral> \section{section 2}
    Eric.Picheral> \section{section 3}
    Eric.Picheral> \end{document}
    Eric.Picheral> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Eric.Picheral> If run with the may 97 version of fancybox, the resulting dvi does not
    Eric.Picheral> show the contents of the table of contents!
    Eric.Picheral> If run with the old version of fancybox, it's OK.

  After verification, I see that it is a side effect that I never detect in a
correction I made on fancybox.sty

  For your case, it is enough to remove this correction:

%\newcount\c at tocdepth

  But it is a workaround because at this time the problem I detected (and
which was several times reported after - mainly by people using fancybox with
Seminar) with macros like \fancyput and \fancypage appear again.

  You can check it after removing my line with the following test:




  \section{Test fancypage}

  So what we have to do is to found a better correction than mine, with
no side effect... As it is related to the internals of LaTeX that I don't know
well and often don't understand, if some of you with a better knowledge than
mine has a solution, it will be good...

  The error message is:

\addpenalty #1->\ifvmode \if at minipage \else \if at nobreak \else \ifdim \lastskip 
=\z@ \penalty #1\relax \else \@tempskipb \lastskip \vskip -\lastskip \penalty #
1\vskip \@tempskipb \fi \fi \fi \else \@noitemerr \fi 

\@noitemerr ->\@latex at error {Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \protect \ite
m }\@ehc 

  In any case, thank you for the report.


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