PSTricks: user defined and predefined nodes behave differently

Christophe Broult broult at
Wed Jul 30 16:33:14 CEST 1997

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First of all PSTricks is a great package and I'd like to say ``thank
you'' to this package creators and contributors and in particular to
Denis Girou for his answers to my questions.

Here's another question.

When I define new node types using the macro \MatrixNodeDefinition,
and if I put some connecting commands like \ncline inside the
\psmatrix, the result is incorrect. The following example shows the





% To define personal nodes for the psmatrix environment
% Denis Girou <Denis.Girou at> - Jul. 29, 1997
% #1=type of node name, #2=macro to apply to the node contents
% Ex: \MatrixNodeDefinition{MyNodeType}{\psframebox[linecolor=red]}
\expandafter\def\csname mnode@#1\endcsname{%
\rnode{NodeTemp}{#2{\rnode at iii\Rnode at ii{\psm at thenode}}}
% Redefinition of temporary name to the "official" ones
% Implicit name node (like for {1,2} which is M-1-1-2)
\SameNode{\psm at thenode}{NodeTemp}%
% Explicit name node (given by the name= parameter)
\ifx\pst at NodeName\relax\else\SameNode{\pst at NodeName}{NodeTemp}\fi}}

% Modification of \psset at name to keep the name of the node in a macro
\let\pst at NodeName\relax
\def\psset at name#1{\edef\pst at NodeName{#1}\pst at getnode{#1}\psk at name}

% To give an alias name to a previous defined one
% Denis Girou <Denis.Girou at> - May 15, 1997
% \SameNode{B}{A} define a node B equivalent to the predefined node A
% Useful to special connections for trees and special node types for psmatrix
\pst at getnode{#1}\pst at tempa
\pst at getnode@{#2}\pst at tempb
\pst at Verb{\pst at nodedict \pst at tempa \pst at tempb def end}}
% From \pst at getnode, but to return the name of node without the first /
% Definition is different for psmatrix environments and for trees
\def\pst at getnode@#1#2{%
\pst at expandafter\pst@@getnode@{#1},,\@nil#2}
\edef#4{N@\pst at zapspace#1 \@empty\space}%
\pst at cntg=#1\relax
\pst at cnth=#2\relax
% Node definition for trees
%\edef#4{N at M-\ifnum\psmatrixcnt=\z@ 1\else\the\psmatrixcnt\fi
%-\the\pst at cntg-\the\pst at cnth\space}%
% Node definition for psmatrix environments from \psmatrix at ii
\edef#4{N at M-\the\psmatrixcnt-\the\psrow-\the\pscol}%





    [name=A] AAAA\\[0pt]
    [name=B] BBBBBBBB
  \ncline{A}{B}                    % OUTSIDE psmatrix environment
    [name=A] AAAA\\[0pt]
    [name=B] BBBBBBBB
    \ncline{A}{B}                  % INSIDE psmatrix environment



Thank you for your help,



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