PSTricks: is it a feature or a bug?

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Tue Jul 8 17:17:43 CEST 1997

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>>>>> "Christophe.Broult" == Christophe Broult <broult at> writes:

    Christophe.Broult> I've got some trouble with the command \\ in the psmatrix environment
    Christophe.Broult> when in the next column I try to give the next node a name using the
    Christophe.Broult> [name=xx] notation, this doesn't work.

  It's a bug known since a long time. It would be difficult to correct, as it
is related to general parsing of psmatrix environment (because you can have a
special value for inter-row space like \\[1cm] and the bug is related to the
difference between \\ new-line [...] and \\[...] new-line).

  In any case, I didn't succeed to correct it... Nevertheless, workaround is
easy. Mine is the same than yours, but 0cm is clearest and use default
inter-row space.

  Look at generic/pstricks.bug in PST 97 distribution or at the Bugs page
on PSTricks WWW pages.


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