[pst-poly] First release of `pst-poly' package

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Jun 27 23:37:20 CEST 1997

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  As it was mentioned in LGC, I was motivated (!) to release this small
package written in 1995 and previously described in my paper for TUG'95

  Recently, I made some new developments to generalize and improve it.
I add few new parameters and mainly generalize it to the case of non regular
polygons (I think that the main interest is for regular ones, but it is also
to show that we can do it...)

  And I think also that it's a very good pedagogical example of how to develop
PSTricks, by building specialized packages which define new "high level
graphics objects" above existing ones. So, I include precise comments of main
part of the code in the documentation (in fact all the code for regular
polygons, as it show all interesting technics and as all the real difficulties
of the total code are in fact for non regular polygons, due to the
trigonometry involved).

  After validation period, it will be migrated on CTAN on
pstricks/contrib/pst-poly. For the moment, formatted documentation and package
files are only on http://www.tug.org/applications/PSTricks/Polygons

  If some of you will be interested to test it, I will be of course interested
by comments.


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