PSTRICKS: help wanted

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Wed Jun 25 14:39:22 CEST 1997

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>>>>> "Christophe.Broult" == Christophe Broult <broult at> writes:

    Christophe.Broult> I've just tried an example from The LaTeX graphics companion with the
    Christophe.Broult> latest version of the graphics and PSTricks packages and it doesn't
    Christophe.Broult> produce the expected result. 

  Your file run correctly for me, of course using different versions of
software components (for instance dvips 5.72 and gs 4.03). If you have yet an
older release of gs than the 5.01 very recent one, verify also the result with

  P.S. As there are differences between your file and the LGC example,
I believe that you type it yourself. Don't forget that all examples of LGC are
freely available on CTAN (in CTAN/info/lgc) with the number indicated in the
margin (so yours is 4-6-32.ltx file).


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