[Problem] LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> and \psaxes

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Apr 25 23:28:21 CEST 1997

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  Dear friends,

    As subscribers of the list, you are supposed to be "motivated" PSTricks
users (!), so of course you are strongly encourage to install and use soon
the PSTricks 97 distribution and to report any compatibility problems using
your old PSTricks files.

  1/ Two users report a definitive problem (everything broken) with the new
distribution - for dvips users. In fact, the "real" problem is that they use
rather old LaTeX installation: problem is specific to the <1994/12/01>
distribution and must not appear for others.
     Such users are first strongly encourage to update their installation (!),
but nevertheless we will of course offer a correction. The concerned file is
pstricks.con and a corrected one will be propagated on CTAN next week.

  2/ Akos Valentinyi <akos at indigo.econ.soton.ac.uk> report a problem with

     We will put the corrected file pst-plot.tex on CTAN next week
(in this case, we miss to use a correction already applied by Timothy
in pst-plot 0.93a-patch2). If you urge correction, make the following changes:

\def\fileversion{93a/b-97 patch 1}

  and update \pst at hlabels definition (you must replace \thr@@ by \tw@
two times):

\def\pst at hlabels#1#2{%
      \ifnum\psk at ticks<\tw@
        \pst at ticks{0}{\pst at number\pst at dimb}{\the\pst at cnta}{\pst at dimd}%
      \ifnum\psk at labels<\tw@ \pst@@hlabels\fi


Denis Girou

  P.S. I hope the PSTricks mailing list will a helpful and informative place
for PSTricks users! At the opening, I would like to thanks Karl Berry to allow
us to use the TUG server for that and to have help me to install and configure
the mailing list.

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