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Chris Moller moller at mollerware.com
Sun May 24 19:57:11 CEST 2020

Thx for the response.

Just tried your suggestion, but the docbook-to-tex conversion (jw) 
rejects ‽ as a valid entity.  And using the decimal version, 
‽, produces:


\Character{8220} and \Character{8221} both accept the decimal encoding, 
so I assume there's nothing inherently wrong with \Character{8253} in 


On 2020-05-24 13:28, barbara beeton wrote:
> I believe it's necessary to identify this as a hex value.
> \symbol{"203D} should work in math, so presumably \Character{"203D}
> is the equivalent for text.
>                         -- bb
> On Sun, 24 May 2020, Chris Moller wrote:
>> I'm writing a document in SGML Docbook (yes, I know I should be using 
>> XML,
>> but it's one of those legacy things...) in which I use an "interrobang,"
>> (unicode U+0203D, html &x8253).  The process of converting the SGML 
>> to PDF
>> goes through pdftex, but pdftex doesn't seem to understand 
>> \Character{8253}
>> and renders it as "<8253>".  I'm reasonably sure that the font I'm using
>> contains that character.
>> More or less guessing what I'm doing, I've done what I think needs to 
>> happen
>> to incorporate the font I modified to include the interrobang--run 
>> mktexlsr,
>> updmap-user, and updmap -sys--but the problem persists.
>> So my questions are, is this really because pdftex doesn't understand
>> \Character{8253}, and is there anything I can do to increase its
>> understanding?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris Moller

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