[pdftex] samplepdftex.tex, pdftex-a.pdf

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jul 20 03:14:54 CEST 2020

Hi Suresh,

    1) I can't find them inside my install of Miktex. Why doesn't an update 
    of Miktex result in installing these files on my computer?

You'd have to ask on a MiKTeX forum. Perhaps they are in a separate doc

    2) To generate a version of pdftex-a.pdf on letter-sized pages, I looked 
    for pdftex.tex, but could not find it. Where is the source for 

The main file is named pdftex-t.tex. On CTAN, although the package
doesn't show it, all the sources for the documentation are in the same
directory as the PDFs:
subdirectory manual for the manual,
subdirectory samplepdftex for the "sample" document.

The manual is written in ConTeXt, not LaTeX, so you'll need to have that
installed. There's a target "pdftex-l.pdf" in the Makefile which makes
the manual at letter size. Let me know if problems and I can also just
send it to you.

You can download a zip of the whole doc/pdftex directory from CTAN with
the link on the right, namely

    3) I downloaded samplepdftex.tex and attempted to generate a pdf, but 
    got the error shown below. How can this be fixed
    ! pdfTeX error (ext5): cannot open file for embedding.

samplepdf includes various files in various ways; it's not a standalone
document. The files that it needs are in the samplepdf/ directory.

It's annoying that it is not reporting the name of the missing file in
the above error. I'll have to look into that. (Akira ... unless you have
a moment to investigate, maybe? I fear it is not simple.)

Hope this helps. Happy pdftexing,

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