[pdftex] pdf inclusion bug

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Fri Mar 29 03:15:09 CET 2019


testing TL19, I stumbled upon a bug in pdftex that seems to have existed 
for a while.

Compile this file (a.tex) with a current luatex 1.10:

\pdfvariable compresslevel0

and then compile this file (b.tex) with pdflatex:


This will result in three warnings:

pdfTeX warning: [...]: glyph `' undefined

pdfTeX warning: [...]: glyph `A ' undefined

pdfTeX warning: [...]: glyph `B ' undefined

and only the "C" will be visible in b.pdf. And if you look into b.pdf, 
the included font contains "/CharSet (//A /B /C)", which is obviously 

Everything is fine if I compile a.tex with an older luatex. The 
difference is that previous versions of luatex wrote the charset without 
spaces: "/CharSet(/A/B/C)", whereas luatex 1.10 writes: "/CharSet( /A /B 
/C)". However, this seems like perfectly valid PDF to me, so I'd say 
that luatex is innocent here, but that this is a bug in pdftex's 
inclusion procedure.

Best regards,

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