[pdftex] pdftex core dump when including certain pdf files

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Jul 21 07:08:27 CEST 2016

>  >   ps2pdf pdftex-output.pdf out.pdf
>  > 
>  > which indeed reduces the file size and the number of subsetted fonts
>  > by 30%, but there is a problem that makes all links disappear...  We
>  > have to further investigate.
> Yes, the problem is that in a PDF file the contents of pages and
> links are stored at different places.

Well, it's not clear to me why normal PDF viewers display the original
input file correctly without complaints, but ghostscript creates a
crappy output file.

> It's not straightforward to keep the links.  What are you doing in
> order to retain the links?  I suppose that LuaTeX's epdf library

Perhaps a misunderstanding.  The links in the input PDF file *are*
valid, and after the ps2pdf run they are not.  I don't do anything
special with the links.

> Some companies in Japan offer PDF datasheets which have only
> references to Windows fonts but the fonts are not included.  Thus,
> when I view them on Unix, I only see the graphics but no text.

Indeed, I have also seen such PDF files – many years ago.

So there's much testing ahead...


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