[pdftex] pdftex core dump when including certain pdf files

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Jul 18 22:25:37 CEST 2016

> However I think those pdfs without embedded fonts are rather
> useless.

Not at all.  The lilypond documentation has a case where PDFs without
fonts would be extremely valuable (we haven't implemented this yet,

  . For the documentation (in texinfo format), lilypond creates
    thousands of small PDFs that get included into the main PDF.  All
    those files use the same small set of music fonts again and again.

  . If the small PDFs don't contain fonts it would be possible that
    pdftex includes the necessary fonts only once while building the
    master PDF.

  . If the small PDFs contain subsetted fonts, pdftex must include
    them as-is, enormously increasing the output file size.

  . We currently suppress creation of subfonts in the small PDFs to
    get a small output file size.  However, this leads to an
    incredible waste of disk space while building the documentation
    (we speak of a few gigabytes).


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