[pdftex] Possible bug in image inclusion, bug report site down

Marcel Korpel marcel.lists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 00:16:19 CET 2015


In the past days I tried to file a bug report at
http://sarovar.org/projects/pdftex/, as stated on the official home
page, but that site is unavailable, so I'll try to explain the issue

The problem shows up when including images stored in CMYK colours
without specifying dimensions. Take a look at the following latex


Now please download the following images:

After compiling the source, you'll see three images: two that are
quite large and don't fit the page, one that has a width of about four
times smaller than the other images.

When including another RGB picture at 72 DPI, you'll notice that it is
set the same size as both CMYK images. This means that the internal
resolution of CMYK images is not used, regardless of the DPI setting
the images are output at (about) 72 DPI. With RGB images, this bug is
not exhibited.

Kind regards,

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