[pdftex] Not a bug

Ramón Casares papa at ramoncasares.com
Tue May 13 19:51:15 CEST 2014

Sorry! You are right, balanced pairs of parentheses
within a string require no special treatment.

I was misled by the Jhove verifier and also by the
explanation of the macro \pdfescapestring in
"The pdfTEX user manual" November 23, 2010 Rev. 655:

    \pdfescapestring general text (expandable)

    Starting from version 1.30.0, pdfTEX provides a mechanism
    for converting a general text into pdf string.
    Many characters that may be needed inside such a text
    (especially parenthesis), have a special meaning
    inside a pdf string object and thus, can’t be used literally.
    The primitive replaces each special pdf character
    by its literal representation by inserting a backslash
    before that character. Some characters (e. g. space) are
    also converted into 3--digit octal number. In example,
    \pdfescapestring{Text (1)} will be expanded
    to Text\040\(1\). This ensures a literal interpretation
    of the text by the pdf viewer. The primitive was
    introduced in pdfTEX 1.30.0.

Again, sorry!

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