[pdftex] Incorrect "help" text in pdftex

Byron Hawkins byronh at uci.edu
Sat Feb 8 08:55:42 CET 2014

Hi, thanks for the great program, I just found a problem with the "help"
text. When I type "pdftex --help", it states the following:

    -output-directory=DIR   use existing DIR as the directory to write
files in

But in fact pdftex takes the "=" symbol to be part of the directory name.
So if I execute:

    pdftex -output-directory=build/

the program exits with an error that there is no such directory (it just
says "I can't write on the file"). But if I run

    pdftex -output-directory build/

then it works. So the help text is wrong. The equals sign gets removed.
Probably the same for all the other "help" entries that indicate an equals
sign. Thanks.


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