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David Crosswell davidcrosswell at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 16 00:06:44 CET 2013

Greetings all.
I looked through the list of lists for an applicable one and this one
was the closest one to the issue I am facing.
If anybody has reference to a better source, I would be obliged for a

I am using Texmaker 3.4 and passing to .pdf.
I am very much in the learning stage, but have managed to battle through
to creating reasonable articles and am in the throes of incorporating
images within the text.
I have achieved reasonable success with \wrapfig and am presently
looking at \wraptable.

Here I can find no information specific enough to embed and wrap tables.
I have checked out a couple of publications, such as `LaTeX' - Stefan
Kottwitz and `Guide to LaTeX', Fourth Edition, but can find nothing that
assists specifically there, along with googling and other resources. I
can't affordt the Packaged set by Goosens et al at present, so I am some
what stuck.

What is the format for placement of a table?
I am confident that I am employing the right format with \wraptable and
\includegraphics, but what do I place within the config. for
\includegraphics? Do I prepare a file with the code for the table, if
so, what type of format? I have already put in the code and can get no
reaction from that other than an error reading that tells me that I have
omitted a { when all are present.
How do I go about this next step?
Thanking you for any time and trouble you may care to take.
Kind regards,

David Crosswell

"Res publica non dominetur."

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