[pdftex] PDF empty with Acrobat / xpdf

Philippe Chauvat pchauvat at laposte.net
Wed Jan 11 10:54:28 CET 2012

Martin Schröder <martin at ...> writes:

> 2011/6/27 John Culleton <john at ...>:
> > First of all you did not use pdftex. You used some form of LaTeX. This is
> Peace. The file is produced by pdf(la)tex.
Thanks Martin.
> Best
>    Martin
For those who are interested in the solution I found thanks to the help provided
by you all, here it is:
I tried with something else than the original PDF included as background, and it
So I just redo the letterhead with Inkscape (SVG) and then produced a PDF.
Everything works fine now.
The original PDF was produced by Adobe Illustrator. As far as I am *not* an
Adobe Illustrator user, I can not answer to any 'why' or 'how' question.

What I can say is: Thank you all for your valuable help !


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