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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Mon May 9 22:27:52 CEST 2011

On 10/05/2011, at 1:11 AM, narke wrote:

> Hi,
> In the pdflatex generated file, I found the font names look strange,
> it seem has some kind of random string as prefix, such as

This is a perfectly standard name for a font subset;
in this case a subset of CMR10.
The prefix implies that it is not the complete font.
Different subsets of the same font must have a different
prefix. When a PDF application finds that a document will
contain different subsets of the same font, then these 
can be combined.

This naming scheme dates from PDF v1.1.
It is described in 

    §7.7.4   PDF Reference Manual v1.3  (1999)  Adobe Systems Inc.
    §5.5.3   PDF Reference 5th ed. PDF v1.6  (2004)  Adobe Systems Inc.
    §9.6.4   Document management — Portable document format — Part 1: PDF 1.7  (2008)

and other versions of the PDF specification documents.

> I tried to read pdftex manul, but it seem not easy to me.  I lack some
> tex knowledge, just know how to use pdflatex to produce pdf from latex
> soruce.
> Now these strange fonts name are causing problems to me. When I tried
> to convert a tikz pictures to emf picture using pstoedit, the fonts
> mapping looked not correct.

Sounds like  pstoedit  isn't programmed to combine font subsets
automatically. There is no instance of 'subset' in the docs:


> Is there a way letting me have standard fonts names in produced PDF files?

These *are* standard PDF font subset names.

 pstoedit  has a  -fontmap  option which may do what you want;
that is, allow you to map the prefixed font-subset names to the
full font name, and thereby (hopefully) include the whole font
(provided you have it on your system). 

Others, with experience using  pstoedit , may be able to confirm
whether this is possible or not, or give advice on what else
to try.

> Thanks in advance.
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> narke

Hope this helps,


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