[pdftex] Simple (?) question about \pdfobj

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 02:57:56 CET 2011

On 11-03-05 7:01 PM, Heiko Oberdiek wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 06, 2011 at 12:33:45AM +0100, Martin Schröder wrote:
>> 2011/3/6 Heiko Oberdiek<heiko.oberdiek at googlemail.com>:
>>> If the invalid contents of this object is the problem,
>>> then it raises the questions:
>>> * What is the relation to class beamer?
>> Nothing.
> The question was addressed to the OP. (Perhaps his beamer class isn't
> uptodate or ...).

The relation was that I had several long documents containing code like 
that in class article, and they didn't trigger the error, only beamer 
presentations did.  However, now when I modify my minimal example to be 
a minimal example in the article class, it triggers it too.  So Martin 
is right, this doesn't have anything to do with beamer.

>> <qoute src="sampledf.tex">
>> \pdfobj{(Hello)}            % the simplest case: a string "Hello"
> For easier parsing, storing the string as text stream has the
> advantage that the string quoting is omitted.
> \begingroup
>    \pdfobjcompresslevel=0 %
>    \pdfcompresslevel=0 %
>    \immediate\pdfobj stream{Hello World}%
>    \xdef\ObjectRefHello{\the\pdflastobj}%
> \endgroup
> And the object should be anchored somewhere, e.g.:
>    \pdfcatalog{/hello \ObjectRefHello\space 0 R}

Just one more question:

are /hello and \ObjectRefHello both names that I'm free to choose 
(presumably avoiding clashes with names other people choose), or is 
"ObjectRef" significant?

Duncan Murdoch

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