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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Jun 9 13:35:46 CEST 2011

On Thursday, June 09, 2011 01:02:37 am Kip Warner wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 14:26 +1000, Ross Moore wrote:
> > If you are using a Makefile, why don't you simply put a line
> > in there that checks for graphics files in one format,
> > then runs the converter into PDF?
> > 
> > After all, this is what Makefiles are for --- to schedule
> > multiple tasks to enable a complicated job to be completed
> > with the minimum of fuss (on a command-line, say).
> > 
> > Whatever route you take, you will need to know the syntax of the
> > conversion command that is needed on your particular computing
> > platform and operating system. These need not be, and most certainly
> > have not been, a constant thing over time and platforms. Hence such
> > commands are deliberately *not* pre-programmed into pdftex, nor other
> > TeX-based software, but can be added using macros if you really find
> > that the most convenient --- at the expense of loss of portability
> > of your documents to run on other platforms.
> Hey Ross. I've actually already got them converted automatically by
> using umbrello command line diagram export to get the images out of
> another project, some GNU find to build paths to them, and then epstopdf
> to convert.
> I'm capable of doing all of this, I just think it is an inelegant
> solution. Texinfo should be able to accept scalable vector graphics out
> of the box. =)
> Thanks for your help, Ross.

To compete in today's world both svg and Tiff should be acceptable inputs to 
all current forms of TeX. IMO of course.

Scribus which is comparatively new to DTP will accept Tiff and svg. 

Also the pdf output formats should include pdf X/1-a:2001 format. Some 
printers insist on this format for color work. There is a package that does 
this for LaTeX etc. but it requires extra files and has a reputation for being 
buggy. The developmental version of Scribus (1.5.0) will produce the required 
John Culleton

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